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Only undergraduate courses and a very limited number of graduate courses are included at this time. Graduate courses will continue to be added as staff levels allow. Some courses also include a rubric for evaluation of student attainment of the applicable outcomes for the course.
ITM Departmental Syllabi (Undergraduate)all in one file.
ITM 100 has been replaced by ITMT 330
ITM 300 Communication in the Workplace
ITM 301 Introduction to Contemporary Operating Systems and Hardware I• Course Rubric
ITM 303 Introduction to Contemporary Operating Systems and Hardware II
ITM 311 Introduction to Software Development
ITM 312 Introduction to Systems Software Programming
ITM 313 Introduction to Open Source Application Development• Course Rubric
ITM 401 Introduction to Advanced Studies I (DRAFT)
ITM 402 Introduction to Advanced Studies II (DRAFT)
ITM 497 Independent Study
ITM 498 Undergraduate Research Immersion: Team
ITM 501 Research Methods for Information Technology
ITM 601 Research Methods for Information Technology
ITM 691 Research and Thesis Ph.D.
ITM 695 Doctoral Seminar
ITMD 321 Data Modeling and Applications• Course Rubric
ITMD 361 Fundamentals of Web Development• Course Rubric
ITMD 362 Human-Computer Interaction and Web Design• Course Rubric
ITMD 411 Intermediate Software Development
ITMD 412 Advanced Structured and Systems Programming
ITMD 413 Open Source Programming• Course Rubric
ITMD 415 Advanced Software Development
ITMD 419 Topics in Software Development
ITMD 422 Advanced Database Management
ITMD 441 Web Application Foundations
ITMD 442 Full-Stack Development
ITMD 443 Front-End Development
ITMD 444 Back-End Development
ITMD 445 Web Real-Time Communication
ITMD 446 Web Microservices and APIs
ITMD 447 Web Systems Integration (Previously ITMD 467)
ITMD 449 Topics in Web Development
ITMD 453 Enterprise Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 454 Mass-Market Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 455 Open-Source Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 460 Fundamentals of Multimedia
ITMD 462 Web Site Application Development (To be retired Fall 2023)
ITMD 463 Intermediate Web Application Development (To be retired Fall 2023)
ITMD 464 Advanced Web Application Development (To be retired Fall 2023)
ITMD 465 Rich Internet Applications (To be retired Fall 2023)
ITMD 466 Service-Oriented Architecture
ITMD 467 Web Systems Integration (Renumbered to ITMD 447)
ITMD 469 Topics in Application Development
ITMD 522 Data Mining and Machine Learning
ITMD 524 Applied Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
ITMD 537 Data Science Practicum
ITMD 541 Web Application Foundations
ITMD 542 Full-Stack Development
ITMD 543 Front-End Development
ITMD 544 Back-End Development
ITMD 546 Web Microservices and APIs
ITMD 549 Topics in Web Development
ITMD 561 Web Intelligence
ITMM 464 Social Media Marketing
ITMM 470 Fundamentals of Management for Technology Professionals
ITMM 471 Project Management for Information Technology and Management
ITMM 481 Information Technology Entrepreneurship
ITMM 482 Business Innovation
ITMM 485 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
ITMM 487 Product Management
ITMM 586 Information Technology Auditing
ITMM 587 Product Management
ITMO 340 Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet• Course Rubric
ITMO 356 Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems• Course Rubric
ITMO 417 Shell Scripting for System Administration
ITMO 433 Enterprise Server Administration
ITMO 441 Network Administration and Operations
ITMO 444 Cloud Computing Technologies
ITMO 446 Telecommunications Over Data Networks
ITMO 450 Enterprise End-User System Administration
ITMO 453 Open Source Server Administration
ITMO 454 Operating System Virtualization
ITMS 400 Technology Fundamentals for Cybersecurity
ITMS 418 Coding Security• Course Rubric
ITMS 428 Database Security
ITMS 438 Cyber Forensics• Course Rubric
ITMS 443 Vulnerability Analysis and Control• Course Rubric
ITMS 446 Active Cyber Defense
ITMS 448 Cyber Security Technologies• Course Rubric
ITMS 458 Operating System Security• Course Rubric
ITMS 475 Zero Trust Architecture: Design and Implementation (draft)
ITMS 478 Cyber Security Management• Course Rubric
ITMS 479 Topics in Information Security
ITMS 483 Digital Evidence• Course Rubric
ITMS 484 Governance, Risk, and Compliance
ITMS 527 AI for Cybersecurity
ITMS 534 Human Factors in Cybersecurity
ITMS 546 Active Cyber Defense
ITMS 575 Zero Trust Architecture: Design and Implementation (draft)
ITMT 330 Introduction to Information Systems and the IT Profession• Course Rubric
ITMT 430 System Integration• Course Rubric
ITMT 491 Undergraduate Research
ITMT 492 Introduction to Smart Technologies
ITMT 495 Topics in Information Technology
TECH 465 Introduction to Social Commerce
TECH 497 Special Projects